What is a “Honeyhole”? 

A honeyhole is slang for a location that yields a valued commodity or resource. A local landmark or road near a honeyhole may have "HoneyHole" in its name or as a nickname. 

Our Homestead is located in the small town community of Antlers in the heart of Southeast Oklahoma. We are in the perfect location in God’s country at the foot of the Kiamichi Mountains in Pushmataha County. 

With just a short drive the avid outdoorsman can be at their favorite fishing or hunting “Honeyhole” within minutes. Our county is home to an abundance of wildlife including deer, turkey, bear, wild hogs, coyotes, raccoons, bobcats and the ever sought after, but elusive, trophy-record setting Whitetail Bucks. And, if you’re ever so stealthy, you might even spy the rare but existing mountain lion or elk. Antlers is also nestled in the center of several of the most well known lakes and rivers in Oklahoma and northeast Texas,  known to yield record setting catches. In just a few miles drive a fisherman can be at his favorite secret “fishing hole” where he might catch the next record setting bass, crappie, or catfish. 

With our Homestead being located in the “Honeyhole” for wildlife fish and game, what a perfect name for our little farm. 

Currently we raise a variety of chickens and mini goats such as the Pygmy and Nigerian Dwarf breeds. We are very close to having all ADGA Registered stock with our Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats. Our 40 plus laying hens provide an abundance of farm fresh free range eggs for our family and community customers. And, we have plenty of poultry and wildlife to sustain our family’s need for meat. 

See our products page for a description of all natural “back to the basics” products we have available. 

Our Team

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Brooke & Melissa
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