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413990 State Highway 3

Antlers, OK 74523

Sales Policy

Price of each goat and deposit required will be published on website and through ads on Facebook or other media ads or sources.

A non-refundable deposit is required to hold the animal of your choice until it is ready to go. Deposit amounts will be agreed upon between Seller and Buyer and will be confirmed in writing via emails/texts/Facebook messages/ or other forms of written communication. All buyers must provide an written or electronic signature agreeing to the final sales/deposit agreement. Deposits can be made in person by cash, or online through PayPal and buyer will be responsible for any fees charged by PayPal for the transaction. The remaining balance must be paid in cash at the time of the agreed upon pick up date unless paid in full via PayPal prior to pickup. 

‚ÄčAll payments, deposits included, are non-refundable. Buyer will be provided a bill of sale for each purchase along with vaccination dates and records recorded by the seller. 


If the animal of your choice were to die or develop significant health concerns before pick up, then your deposit may be transferred to another goat available for sale or returned in full. All goat kids will be CD&T vaccinated, dewormed and disbudded (if not already naturally polled) before leaving, unless sold before the goat is old enough to perform disbudding procedure.


If a goat kid is sold as a Bottle Baby the buyer is fully responsible for any health issues which may arise after sales transaction is complete.


If you would like horns, then please let us know as soon as possible as Disbudding will usually be performed within 10 days of birth and no later than three weeks of age, if naturally polled is in question. Seller makes no guarantee regarding the formation of scurs after the disbudding process is completed and shall not be held responsible should scurs occur. 


Buyer is responsible for Wethering/Banding any buckling that is purchased unless buyer is local and the service is agreed upon between buyer and seller. Seller will not under any circumstances wether/band a buckling under 12 weeks of age and recommends wethering/banding at 16 weeks, although buyer should be aware that bucklings are cable of breeding prior to 12 weeks of age. 


If the animal is not picked up within ten days of the agreed upon date (unless stated otherwise), then seller retains the right to resell the animal without refunding any deposit, due to the loss of potential sales.


If buyer is interested in a specific pairing, please contact us to be placed on a waiting list. Deposits will be accepted and expected once the goat kid is born.


Honeyhole Homestead appreciates our customers and takes pride in providing healthy well nourished goats. We prefer our goat kids to be Dam raised as this is more natural and much healthier for the goat.  We believe in full disclosure regarding our goats and husbandry practices. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. We are not vets and do not claim to be experts. If you have a question we cannot answer we will do our very best to assist in finding the information you need.


Thank you for taking the time to read our sales policy. We look forward to meeting you!!  

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